The More Division in the Public Square, The More Apathy


James Hoggan and Shauna Sylvester, the executive director for the Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University, joined CBC BC’s Almanac podcast to discuss I’m Right and You’re and Idiot, and the state of public discourse.

Over the course of the program, Hoggan and Sylvester speak about the predicament we currently find ourselves in: a public square filled with toxic, divisive debates.

According to Hoggan, this sort of discourse has a paralyzing effect on people:

“If everything looks like it’s an endless fight between people who never really want to hear what the other side is saying then people feel that whatever they do is not going to make much of a difference, because leaders in government and leaders in business really aren’t going to do anything anyways.”

Listen to the podcast on CBC: Public discourse is in a ‘toxic state,’ says B.C. public relations expert

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