James Hoggan now on the National Observer


You can now read contributions by author James Hoggan on the National Observer here. 

Hoggan’s most recent contribution to the National Observer was on “How Propaganda (Actually) Works.” James writes:

“In the early years of DeSmog’s research into environmental propaganda, I thought of industry PR campaigns like “junk science,” “clean coal,” and “ethical oil” as misinformation strategies designed to dupe the public about the real issues.

Although there is obvious truth to that view, I now understand that propaganda is far more complex and problematic than lying about the facts. Certainly propaganda is designed to look like facts that are true and right, but not in a way we might think. What’s more, the consequences are far worse than most people consuming and even producing it realize.”

You can read the entire article here: James Hoggan on how propaganda (actually) works

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