Dealing with Toxic Rhetoric: An Interview with Global TV


James Hoggan recently sat down with Global BC to discuss I’m Right and You’re an Idiot and tackling the mass polarization of public discourse that we’re mired in.

In the interview, Hoggan is asked for his take on the alarmingly divisive rhetoric, particularly on the Republican side, that has filled the presidential candidate races for the upcoming U.S. election.

Although some find it entertaining, Hoggan warns this type of polarization is dangerous.

“The public square may not be as resilient as we think it is. We may not be able to just say anything and there be no consequences. If you look at research on polarization and public mistrust, both of those are at record highs. And, people are disengaged from politics and public issues.”

This predicament is not only found in politics. Hoggan asserts we have difficulty finding common ground on many issues where others have different opinions.

Watch the full interview here: Cleaning Up the Public Square: An Interview with Global TV

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