An Excerpt from “I’m Right and You’re an Idiot” – The Advocacy Trap


The following is an excerpt from I’m Right and You’re an Idiot.

It comes from the chapter with Roger Conner.  Conner is an adjunct professor of law at Vanderbilt University. He has three decades of experience as a nonprofit executive, lobbyist, litigator, organizer, facilitator and social entrepreneur on issues including environmental protection to immigration reform and foster care.

When we look at the miserable state of public discourse today and how we are polluting the public square, it’s plain to see that many people believe the problem derives from evil on “the other side.” But this kind of pollution comes from all around the square — including our side — and as long as we think somebody else is the source of it, we’re unlikely to ever see our way through it.

The problem is structural and derives from human psychology, the way we look at the world and from ill-intentioned and well-intentioned sources alike.

It also arises from the nature of advocacy.

Read the full excerpt: The Tyee–Are You Blinded By Righteous Anger?

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